We are pleased to report that seven new projects have begun: Tanzania, Ukraine, Kerala, Chennai (2 new projects), Kolkata (new), Gujrat and Vizag. All are going strong, while our existing projects in IELC Blind school, Bargur, the orphanage in Dindigul, Samaritan Help Mission in Kolkata, Sundabans and Mijwan, Uttar Pradesh have been progressing smoothly.

With your donations we have reached out to the unreached. Thanks to you, our supporters and well wishers. You have given the priceless gift of education, bringing hope to the most destitute children in developing countries.

AF provides these children with what should be every child's birthright - education. Your contribution will ensure our ability to continue our work. Without your support, Ann Foundation would not be able to thrive.

Our focus areas for 2013 are sponsorship, income generating projects, and a vitamin program for undernourished children . Please continue to support our efforts.

We wish you and your family a healthy and happy holiday season, and all the best in the coming new year. Happy holidays, and thanks again for your support.

-Ann Foundation Board and the Team
English classes for IHBP, Kolkata
Ann Foundation has started a partnership with an organization based in the busy city of Kolkata, West Bengal. Focused on improving the standard of living, IHBP serves as a ray of hope for those with various disabilities, children, and women alike.

Since their beginnings in 2001, they have been involved with many projects , which emphasize education, including a school for disabled children and those affected with cerebral palsy. In addition, they have spearheaded vocational training centers to help students acquire skills for a reliable source of income. Based on the belief that a small contribution can make a big difference, they have partnered with Ann Foundation to give the children an opportunity to learn English through online classes.
Chakshumathi, Kerala
Chakshumathi, in Trivandrum, Kerala, is an effort to research, develop, and adopt latest technologies for the empowerment of people who are blind or visually impaired. The organization aims at providing an opportunity to learn relevant skills through their "reading without seeing" project. With a strong belief that everyone should have an equal opportunity to learn, the organization advocates providing education in an assistive format. Their "eyes-free science" camps provide a unique platform for students to learn from the various professors and scientists. By partnering with Ann Foundation, they aim to develop a sound background in English for children in the age group of 5 to 15 years. The goal is to improve the students' understanding of science and technology, so they can explore different career paths.
Tekla Kagera, Tanzania
On international disability day ( 12/3/12) ,Ann Foundation started our first class for the visually impaired children at Tekla Kagera. Located in the Kagera region of Tanzania, its purpose is to improve the lives of children, girls, and women by working to eliminate social, cultural, and financial barriers. Serving 122 children and youth, the organization conducts awareness-raising events and training for families, teachers and community leaders so that needs can be addressed more effectively. In addition they provide technical aids, such as wheelchairs.

Tekla Kagera shares with Ann Foundation a firm conviction that children with disabilities have potential and deserve the physical and spiritual support they need to access education and become independent adults.
Breaking Barriers for the Physically Challenged, Chenani
Breaking Barriers for the Physically Challenged was founded by Mr. Damodaran, a person whose own disabilities motivated him to help educate children from the slums and those with disabilities. From tentative beginnings, the organization now supports the school education of 30 children between the ages of 5 and 17. Some of these children were rescued from child labor situations and sent to school by the undaunted efforts of Damodaran. He is supported in the endeavor by a dedicated team of women volunteers comprising destitute women from the same locality. The organization aims at sending more children to school who are still under the clutches of poverty and disability.
Kadesh Welfare Society, Kadesh Welfare Society, Visakhapatnam
Located in a town close to Vizag, the Kadesh Welfare Society was started five years ago by Mr. Nutan Nicodemus, a retired mechanical engineer. With the help of local pastors, this charity now cares for fifteen orphaned children. Beyond providing for their basic needs, Mr. Nicodemus has set an ambitious goal: over the next five years he plans to build a school with the capacity to serve 500 students with quality education provided by competent teachers and to assist them financially through subsidized fees. Because of its emphasis on bringing about lasting change through education, the Kadesh Welfare Society shares much in common with Ann Foundation and offers promise for a lasting partnership. Online English classes by Ann Foundation mark a major step towards a bright future. We are confident that the enthusiasm the children show for their new classes will lead them to realizing their unique talents and help them in shaping a productive future for themselves, their families, and their country.
All India Rural Empowerment Program (AIREP), Gujarat
Ann Foundation has begun a new project with the All India Rural Empowerment Program (AIREP), in Paldi Kankaj, a suburb of Ahmadabad in Gujarat. In spite of problems with internet access and other challenges, classes began on October 2, 2012, Gandhi's birthday, an excellent day for new beginnings. Our 33 students, ranging in levels from standard 6 to first year diploma, are doing well as they gain confidence and improve their English language skills. Three dedicated volunteers are working hard through this collaboration to serve the children of this remote area.
Thank you for your continued support and generosity. Together we bring hope for a better future to the children we serve.

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